We love sustainable materials

GOTS-certified Organic Cotton                                                                     

Cotton is the most commonly used fiber and a wonderful fabric to wear. All our cotton is 100% organic and caries the GOTS-certificate which ensures its sustainability. The GOTS certification is a strong eco-label that requires all producers involved in the production process, from plant to garment, to be certified. No pesticides are used in the production of cotton, irrigation is mostly rain-fed and strict rules apply to the dyeing and production process for the use and disposal of chemicals.



Linen is a strong, durable fiber made from the flax plant. The flax plant does not need much irrigation and can feed of natural rainfall. The plant is less dependent on pesticides, and is resilient enough to grow in poor soil. Our linen items are produced in Lithuania. 

Linen as a fabric feels soft, is comfortable to wear and long holds its quality because of the strong fiber. An important fabric quality of linen is that it is moisture absorbent. When wearing linen the moisture is easily released back into the air which creates a permanent fresh touch.



The bamboo plant is highly sustainable because it grows easily. The plant uses natural irrigation and requires minimum care. Bamboo is a natural fiber turned into yarn using a chemical heating process. Our manufacturer in Turkey is OEKOTEX and GOTS certified, which ensures that chemicals used in the production process have limited environmental impact and that processes are in place for proper handling of waste water.

Bamboo has a soft and cooling touch: everyone loves our bamboo tees for the comfortable and soft touch of fabric. Bamboo is antibacterial and highly moisture absorbent that provides maximum enjoyment.



Tencel fibers are made out of wood pulp from the Eucalyptus tree, harvested from sustainable forests and made into fibers by means of a chemical heating process. The Eucalyptus tree grows easily and requires little inputs. Päälä only uses Tencel fabrics that have been produced with the patented process from Lenzing. This includes a closed-loop, environmentally friendly system that recycles the chemical input and waste materials. This makes Tencel a fabric with minimal environmental impact.

Tencel is a wonderfully soft fabric that feels nice on the skin. The structure and length of the fiber makes the fabric sturdy, which ensures enjoyment over a longer time. The Tencel fiber is moisture absorbent, has a natural shine and falls gracefully.



Modal, like Tencel, is made from cellulose fibers from trees. Modal is a natural fiber that is processed into a fiber by a chemical heatingprocess. Päälä only uses Modal fabrics produced with Lenzing's patented process. This includes a closed, environmentally friendly system that recycles the chemical input and waste materials.

Cellulose fibers such as Bamboo, Tencel and Modal are also called artificial silk, because of their natural shine and graceful appearance. Modal is a wonderfully soft fabric with a strong fiber that absorbs moisture and therefore ensures great wearing comfort.